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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink the way they approach training. Panora is no exception. Overnight, virtual and online solutions had to replace the physical processes. A coordinated strategy to empower workforce development remotely was needed. After much brainstorming, Panora commenced training workshops to improve employee performance, engagement and growth.

A skill-need assessment was carried out and each employee was evaluated on the basis of technical, managerial, behavioral and communication skills. A customized plan was developed to provide technical training on topics such as- planning of projects, value engineering, reporting, MEP, billing and measurements, as well as non-technical training related to management and communication.

Communication is one of the most important skills required at the workplace. Poor communicators often struggle to develop their careers after a certain point. However, fostering lucid communication takes time and effort. Hence, weekly communication sessions with an external trainer were organized and 72% of employees showed improvement with just 8 training sessions. Panora truly believes that it is the ‘people’ in an organization that differentiates a prosperous business from others. It is committed to supporting every employee’s professional advancement and personal growth.