Home 5 Blog 5 CSR at Panora- Making a difference at Shrujan & Children of the World
At Panora our CSR initiatives focus on community improvement programs through our efforts at two notable organisations which are very close to our hearts.

The first is Shrujan (shrujan.org) which is based out of Kutch. This organization was set up in 1969 by Chandaben Shroff to revive the art of embroidery of this region and create a sense of dignity and pride in the women of that region. Panora has been associated with Shrujan over the last many years and has helped the organization in various aspects including setting up their infrastructure, brand building, sales marketing strategy and online strategy.

The second organization which Panora supports is called Children of the World which is an orphanage based in Navi Mumbai. This organization has created a wonderful and a safe space for these children. Every year Panora organizes either a Christmas party or a New Years party for the children and it’s a blessing to see the smile on their faces.

Panora has been committed to both these causes and continues its efforts to support them in whichever way possible.