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It has been said that “never waste a good crisis” and Panora in its unique style has chosen to embrace the changes and challenges using technology and tech-driven solutions. In this post-Covid world, we believe that the customer needs must be met with a more focused and value-driven approach.

Keeping this in mind Panora has adopted one of the world’s largest construction management software solutions to drive its processes and benchmark them with the best in the world. Our team is committed and driven to integrate this software platform across all our projects. This provides our teams with the ability to monitor and implement projects with greater efficiency and lower the costs of managing projects.

The aim is to bring BIM and other technological innovations into the Construction / Project Management space more effectively and focus on the following key delivery areas:

  • Digitize Project Management Processes
  • Improve Field Data Collection using Technology
  • Improve approval cycles and site execution using Visual Design and Construction (VDC)
  • Clash detection with conflict resolution limiting on-site issues
  • Extraction of intelligent data and automated schedules
  • Ability to Automate material take-offs, Cost Analysis and Online Budget Tracking
  • Virtual construction sequencing
  • Asset Tagging and Online Asset O/M Tracking
  • Bench-marking, reliable Forecasting and what-if-scenarios