Miyawaki Forest

Nahar Amrit Shakti Project

Project Details

LOCATION: Chandiwali, Powai, Maharasthra
AREA: 5,40,000 sqft
SAPLINGS: 40,000
CLIENT: Nahar Builders ltd.
SERVICES: Project Management & QS Services
SECTOR: Institutional
STATUS: Completed

The Nahar Amrit Shakti project in Chandivali Powai encompasses 50,000 square meters and is dedicated to implementing the Miyawaki Method, a pioneering approach by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki for urban afforestation. With 40,000 saplings to be planted, the project emphasizes meticulous material mixing involving perforator, water retainer, nourishment material, and biomass. This blend is crucial for uniform soil integration, a hallmark of the Miyawaki Method, which diverges from traditional plantations by creating a single mound for all saplings. Executed with earthmoving machinery and laborers during the project’s execution stage, this method involves ten precise steps, ultimately crafting a lush and sustainable forest within the designated area, exemplifying the potential to transform limited spaces into thriving green landscapes.